SUBARU 2007 IMPREZA WRX 2.0 Litre EJ255 Re-Manufactured Engine

SUBARU IMPREZA WRX 2007 2.0 Litre EJ255 Re-Manufactured Engine

Applicable Models

  • 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX Models
  • Generation: 2nd Generation


  • Engine Type: Turbo
  • Engine Displacement: 4 Cylinder DOHC AVCS
  • Power KW: 169/195
  • Torque NM: 320/343
  • Body Type: GD, GG


  • Installation available at our NSW Facility
  • Quick Turn-around times for Subaru Engine replacement
  • Skilled Subaru Mechanics
  • Complete Subaru Engines run ready for your local mechanic to install
  • Australia wide Delivery service using TNT



  • 24 Month or 50,000km Parts and Labour warranty
  • 12 Month or 25,000km 3rd party parts Warranty



Known related problems

Since the release of this particular model Subaru engine few mechanical faults are noted.

Subaru Piston breakage.

High Subaru Engine Oil usage.

Subaru Engine bearing failure due to low grade bearings and engine oil usage.

Some Engine oil leaks developing due to age and distance travelled.

(Please note: This information is independently collected and the severity of faults varies between all models)



Our Fix/Solution

Our Repair and Re-Manufactured Subaru Engine options use the latest revised Engine gaskets and seals including the advanced formula sealer from Threebond.

Improved Subaru Engine bearings and increased Crankshaft hardness has proven to withstand higher engine stresses

Advancements in low noise Forged Piston Technology has proven popular for most of our Re-Manufactured Subaru Engines.

Our Repair and Re-Manufactured Subaru Engine options incorporate technologies to eliminate cylinder distortion therefore improving Piston ring sealing and dramatically reducing engine oil consumption.

High Performance Subaru Engine options available: See our Cosworth Engine link.

(All Revisions for this Engine have been in Service since 2009 and has proven successful)





Subaru Engines Australia is a premier supplier of all Subaru engines with over 18 years in Subaru engine remanufacturing. We have the experience, expertise and industry contacts to deliver a superior product. As Australia's largest Subaru engine overhaul and repair centre. We stock over 70 engines at any given time which makes us Australia's number one choice when it comes to Subaru engine service. We will have you back in your car in no time. Our remanufactured / overhauled Subaru engines are delivered throughout Australia using TNT. We offer Subaru Engines for both normal road and performance use.
Replacing an engine can seem overwhelming. Don't stress about it. Speak to one of our friendly Subaru representatives who will take the time to understand your needs.
Installation is available at our Subaru service centre Sydney NSW.

  • Honest and Reliable
  • Fast turn-around Time
  • Expert Subaru Advice and support
  • Highly recommended
  • Largest Subaru Only Engine and Gearbox Remanufacturer
  • Nationwide warranty
  • High Standards; if anything does not comply with manufactures specifications then we do not use it.
  • Loan vehicles available.

Making the right decision about Subaru Engine Installation is as important about choosing the right Subaru replacement Engine.
Failure to inspect, replace or renew vital related components can cause damage to your replacement engine.
At our NSW Subaru Engine Installation facility (Subaru Engines Australia) we ensure that all components that may have caused the initial engine failure are fixed prior to releasing the vehicle back to our customers.
Any serviceable item related to the engines cooling systems such as water by-pass hoses, heater hoses and radiator hoses are renewed.
We have generated a basic list of items that we consider important and should not be over looked when installing your replacement Subaru Engine;

  • Serviceable radiator condition and correct operation
  • All Cooling System water hoses renewed.
  • Main drive belts inspected and renewed if necessary.
  • Engine management components inspected for correct operation.
  • Service items such as Oils and Filters renewed.

All of the above mention services are part of our standard process when installing our Re-manufactured Subaru engines.

Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) warranty terms and conditions.
Please read prior to installing Subaru Engines or spare parts!

  • All Subaru reconditioned, remanufactured engines installed by a 3rd party are covered by a 12 month or 25,000km (whichever occurs first) parts warranty only.
  • All Subaru reconditioned, remanufactured engines installed by Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) are covered by a 24 month or 50,000km (whichever occurs first) parts and labour warranty.
  • All 2nd hand used parts are covered by a 3 month replacement parts warranty only.
  • All new genuine Subaru parts are covered by a 12 month or 25,000km (whichever occurs first) replacement parts warranty only. Note: No reconditioned, remanufactured Subaru engine will be warranted under any circumstances if fitted to a vehicle that has modifications to the following areas.
  • Fuel system including fuel pump, fuel regulator, fuel rails, fuel injectors
  • Engine management system, including re-flashing [unless carried out by Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd)]
  • Intake air pipes, air boxes, relocation of air mass meter.
  • Turbo charger modifications including boost control devices.
  • Oil systems that are modified, including oil pans, oil pump, oil filters, or oil coolers that are non- Subaru manufactured.
  • Engines reconditioned / remanufactured by Subaru Engines Australia that contain non OEM parts such as forged pistons, modified engine oil pans, oil pumps etc. with clearances set according to non – OEM instructions that are outside Subaru manufacturers specifications are categorized as Motorsport engines.
  • All Motorsport engines are supplied with 6 months or 25,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) when installed by Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) All Motorsport engines that are installed by a 3rd party are covered by a 6 month or 25,000km whichever occurs first parts warranty only. We take pride in the upgraded or remanufactured units that we sell and take every precaution to ensure trouble free operation. In the unlikely event of a problem, Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) will send a replacement part, engine or repair the defective one, which ever we choose.
  • Labour reimbursements for authorized in-vehicle repairs will be determined according to a flat rate manual and only provided if the engine or failed component was installed by Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd). Labor rates are based on the automotive industry average for each state. Freight expense will be paid by Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) if parts are deemed to be faulty after an inspection is carried out by Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) reserves the right to choose transport method and carrier company. Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) is not responsible for consequential expenses such as travel, hotels, meals, towing, car rental etc.
  • All Units are shipped dry. Please refer to the owner's manual for specifications related to lubrication. Warranty is void if incorrect lubricant is used.
  • Warranty on reconditioned, remanufactured units will be void if the engine has failed due to insufficient lubrication or overheating. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain engine oil level and coolant levels. Any suspected leaks must be taken care of before damage occurs.
  • Failed/over-heated engines due to over revving are not covered under warranty.
  • All re-manufactured engines must be serviced in accordance with Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd) terms and conditions.
  • All reconditioned / remanufactured engines must have an engine oil and filter change after the first 20 minutes of running.
  • Service Intervals should be either 6 months or 8,000kms whichever occurs first.
  • Engine warranty is not transferable in whole or in part.
  • If the vehicle is serviced by a provider other than Subaru Engines Australia (All Drive Subaroo Pty Ltd), documentation supporting vehicle servicing intervals must be provided if a warranty claim is made. All Servicing receipts must contain the following information; Customer's name, Registration details, date of service, odometer reading.
  • Failure to provide the requested documents will void any warranty claim.
If you find the warranty terms and condition unacceptable, please return the component or rebuilt, remanufactured engine in its original un-used state for a complete refund within 7 days from the invoice date.
Thank you.    


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