Making the right decision about Subaru Engine Installation is as important about choosing the right Subaru replacement Engine.

Failure to inspect, replace or renew vital related components can cause damage to your replacement engine.

At our NSW Subaru Engine Installation facility (All Drive Subaroo) we ensure that all components that may have caused the initial engine failure are fixed prior to releasing the vehicle back to our customers.

Any serviceable item related to the engines cooling systems such as water by-pass hoses, heater hoses and radiator hoses are renewed.

We have generated a basic list of items that we consider important and should not be over looked when installing your replacement Subaru Engine;

  • Serviceable radiator condition and correct operation
  • All Cooling System water hoses renewed.
  • Main drive belts inspected and renewed if necessary.
  • Engine management components inspected for correct operation.
  • Service items such as Oils and Filters renewed.


All of the above mention services are part of our standard process when installing our Re-manufactured Subaru engines.