Subaru Head Gasket Repair

Typically a Subaru head gasket leak often means that there is an internal or external leak within the Subaru Engine. In recent times we have seen an increase in external Subaru head Gasket failures on the 2.5 Subaru non turbo engines.

Normally External water seepage on the 2.5 Subaru Engine normally goes undetected for some time as it is only in the advanced stages that water loss causes overheating. Sensitive customer may report unusual smells “coolant residue burning on exhaust and other very hot components however most customers will be unaware of such a problem.

Most 2.5 Subaru head Gasket related issues if not fixed can cause Subaru engine problems, these include:

  • Rusting of the Cast iron Bore,
  • Subaru Engine failure
  • Engine seizure.

Subaru Head gasket repair is very successful when fixed correctly additives such as cooling system conditioners, Bars stop leak, wwp-99, Wynns stop leak should never be considered to fix leaking Subaru head gaskets as expensive repairs to your Subaru cooling system will result.

2.5 Subaru effected models include:

  • 1997 – Current Subaru Outback Head Gasket
  • 1999 – 2010 Subaru Liberty Head Gaskets
  • 2003 – Current Subaru Forester Head Gasket
  • 2003 – 2005 Subaru Impreza Head Gasket

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